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Category Archives: Tales of Phantasia

Happy New Year weebs.

Redid of one of my horrendous early releases from when I started doing this…source looks like absolute fucking shit but still better than the dvds. Subs are from an anonymous guy who redid Exiled-Destiny’s subs. Retimed for my raws and I touched up a bit. Also included a second subtitle track that changes naming to the terminology of the characters and terminology to that of the fan translations from the early 2000’s cause why not. Always was a huge fan of this game, Cless/Cress one of my favorite RPG protags of all time. Shame a0t dropped the Tales of Phantasia X translation…best version of the game handsdown. :/ Anyways, enjoy!

Shout outs to anonymous guy who redid Exiled-Destiny’s subs, Absolute Zero, Gemini, Cless, and any of the other incredible people that translated the Tales entries that never made it to the west.

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Use mpv if you’re having playback issues.

Source – JPBD
Subs – E-D modified by anon; touched up by me. Secondary track with fan tl names.
576p – BD, 1024×576, 10 bit, flac