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Been hyped for this show for a looooong time. Glad they turned it into an animation. Soooo much goblin in the first episode. Lol.  Not much to say other than this is pretty much just styled cr with chapters and op/ed (when they’re shown) if that’s not your thing just stick to hs.

Yikes! screwed up the muxing! v2 patch here or redownload.

Follow the site and chat us up in irc.

Use mpv if you’re having playback issues.

Subs – CR (modified)
1280×720 AAC

Goblin Slayer is dropped due to other groups picking it up!


  1. Shame about the dropping.

  2. which groups?

  3. Haven’t found any other group (except HorribleSubs) subbing this. So mind if you clear that a bit?

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