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Well here’s a blast from the past. Another show I started waaay back but ended up dropping it for the same reasons I did with AGE. Bet you guys forgot about this show. Lol. I mean I thought it was decent. Wanted to rewatch and saw there was no BD release with fansubs on them. So here it is my next project. The OPs/EDs are catchy. ‘-‘

God damn though Moco Kreygasm

Follow the site and chat us up in irc.

Use mpv if you’re having playback issues.

Subs – WhyNot
720p – BD, 1280×720, 10 bit, ac3
1080p – BD, 1920×1080, 10 bit, flac


  1. Thanks for restarting this I hope you get a chance to finish this. I know it was sort of a silly show but I did enjoy this one quite a bit.

  2. Yeah hello, thanks for picking this up. just wanted to ask if the BD’s are uncensored and if you’re going to follow it through to the end with BD’s thanks again.

  3. Also forgot to ask How do you get links here for downloading or should I just get the torrent over @ Nyaa.

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