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I can’t believe this took me four and a half years. The ups, the downs, this stupid project has been with me since I started doing this. What originally started as a project that I wanted to get done because another group wasn’t going to finish it became a project I wasn’t going to finish. So I more or less dropped it in 2014. Same year I started it. Fast forward a year and a half I started it again from scratch near the end of 2015…released two episodes…and dropped it again for an entire year. Picked up more skills…timing, encoding, typesetting…picked it back up near the end of 2016…no progress for half a year after that. LOL. Then me, shaddrag, Xirix, and xDTK founded the group Himawari fansubs for boruto…unfortunately depression and other real life crap hit me hard and I dropped out of the group and did my own thing here and there when I was motivated to. Near the end of 2017 I started slowly subbing more episodes of AGE…got to about episode 22 and real life problems hit me hard again. Lol. Fast forward to mid May I finally overcame all the shit IRL that’s had been plagueing me for years, got a PM from Koby on IRC that for whatever reason lit a fire under my ass and progress was back. I had motivation and was determined to get this finished…and here it is. Finally. Lol. Gundam AGE blu rays with sage subs. And no i’m not doing a dual audio release. Sorry this took so long.

I hope you guys enjoy this, AGE really wasn’t as bad as people made it out to be. I really enjoyed it. Had a lot of good action in it too. Asuno best husubando. Romary best waifu. Legilis and AGE-FX best mechfus.

Shout out to sage for subbing the tv release. Love you guys and miss you guys.

Oh btw, wasn’t going to do the batch right away but ended up doing the v2s and ncops/nceds before I did 43-49. So. There it is.

As for my next project…stay tuned. Follow the site and chat us up in irc.

Use mpv or potplayer or something. Quit using mpc it’s dead. mpv is much better.

Subs – sage
720p – BD, 1280×720, 10 bit, ac3
1080p – BD, 1920×1080, 10 bit, flac

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